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We like to begin the building process with an initial introductory meeting at our office.  We will sit down with you and answer any questions you may have about the building process, lending, and about our company.


If you decide you would like to move forward with an estimate, we begin looking at Floor Plan options for your home.  Some clients come to us with a finished set of plans and we are able to skip this step.  However other clients may only have ideas about what they are wanting in a new home.  We have a full library of plans to choose from.  We are able to make modifications to the plans we have or we work closely with several draftsman and architects that can custom draw a plan for you.


Once your plan is finalized, we will schedule a meeting to go through our detailed questionnaire.  This will help us to prepare an accurate proposal.  Once the proposal is completed, you are able to make adjustments if needed.  If the proposal is acceptable, the next step is signing a Contract and Specification Sheet.


  • Phase One:  Site Prep & Footings

  • Phase Two:  Foundation & Framing

  • Phase Three:  Rough-in Plumbing, Electrical, & Mechanical

  • Phase Four:  Insulation & Drywall

  • Phase Five:  Exterior Finishes​:

    • Roofing​

    • Brick/Siding/Stone

    • Trim

    • Porches/Patios

    • Outdoor Living

  • Phase Six:  Interior Finishes:

    • Cabinets​

    • Interior Trim​

    • Paint

    • Tile Work

    • Floor Coverings

    • Countertops

    • Lighting & Plumbing Fixtures

  • Phase Seven: Final​​

    • HVAC

    • Appliances Installed

    • Landscaping

    • Cleaning

    • Driveway​

    • Final Walk-Through


During the Construction Phases, many jobsite and in office meetings will be scheduled.  You will be able to see the progress and make integral decisions throughout construction.  We have a full service showroom in our office to help with all the design decisions.

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